Glittered Unicorn Paint Kit

Product Description

This a la carte paint kit includes one of our "Timree Classics" - our Glittered Unicorn painting! This paint kit contains the supplies you'll need to create your masterpiece, including video access to paint side-by-side along with Timree herself! 

Each paint kit comes in the cutest box EVER, and includes a canvas, paint (and glitter, if necessary!), a step-by-step guide to the painting, an outline and trace paper to help you along, a paint palette (plate!), a napkin to wipe off your brush, and a card with exclusive video access to create your masterpiece alongside Timree! All you need is a cup of water and you're good to go!

**Kits do not contain an easel, apron, or the four Timree brushes required to complete your painting, so before you get started, you'll want to purchase our STARTER PACK (only purchase once!)!